Get to Know Protogrid

In addition to the opportunity to autonomously gain experience with our Quickstart Tutorial and the Start Apps, the Protogrid team is always at your disposal!

Protogrid Webinars

The webinars will get you immediately started with Protogrid. You get an overview over the different functionalities and a glimpse at the endless possibilities Protogrid offers. The webinar is guided by a Protogrid engineer to ensure you learn the latest news about Protogrid at first hand and your questions will be answered competently.

Choose one of the provided dates.

Alternatively you can contact us for an individual appointment or dive into Protogrid by yourself using our Quickstart Tutorial.

Course Date Time Site
Protogrid Webinar26.06.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar26.06.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar02.07.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar02.07.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar08.07.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar08.07.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar15.07.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar15.07.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar19.07.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar19.07.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar26.07.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar26.07.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar01.08.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar01.08.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar07.08.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar07.08.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar13.08.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar13.08.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar19.08.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar19.08.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar26.08.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar26.08.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar30.08.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar30.08.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar06.09.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar06.09.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar12.09.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar12.09.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar18.09.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar18.09.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar24.09.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar24.09.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar30.09.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar30.09.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar07.10.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar07.10.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar11.10.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar11.10.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar18.10.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar18.10.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar24.10.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar24.10.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar30.10.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar30.10.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar05.11.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar05.11.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar11.11.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar11.11.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar18.11.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar18.11.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar22.11.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar22.11.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar29.11.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar29.11.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar05.12.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar05.12.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar11.12.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar11.12.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar17.12.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar17.12.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar23.12.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar23.12.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar30.12.201908:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar30.12.201916:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar03.01.202008:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar03.01.202016:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar10.01.202008:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar10.01.202016:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar16.01.202008:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar16.01.202016:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar22.01.202008:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar22.01.202016:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar28.01.202008:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar28.01.202016:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar03.02.202008:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar03.02.202016:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar10.02.202008:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar10.02.202016:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar14.02.202008:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar14.02.202016:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar21.02.202008:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar21.02.202016:30 - 17:30Online
Protogrid Webinar27.02.202008:30 - 09:30Online
Protogrid Webinar27.02.202016:30 - 17:30Online

Protogrid Crash Courses

You learn the basics of Protogrid in a short, effective training. Thereby, you develop your own customized application. The training is led by our lead developer to provide you with the best and newest information.

Choose one of the provided dates.

Alternatively you can contact us for an individual appointment or dive into Protogrid by yourself using our Quickstart Tutorial.

Course Date Time Site
Protogrid PowerUser Training19.07.201908:30 - 12:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid PowerUser Training19.07.201917:30 - 21:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid Developer Training23.07.201908:30 - 12:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid Developer Training23.07.201917:30 - 21:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid PowerUser Training20.08.201908:30 - 12:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid PowerUser Training20.08.201917:30 - 21:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid Developer Training21.08.201908:30 - 12:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid Developer Training21.08.201917:30 - 21:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid Developer Training19.09.201908:30 - 12:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid Developer Training19.09.201917:30 - 21:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid PowerUser Training20.09.201908:30 - 12:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid PowerUser Training20.09.201917:30 - 21:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid Developer Training18.10.201908:30 - 12:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid Developer Training18.10.201917:30 - 21:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid PowerUser Training21.10.201908:30 - 12:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid PowerUser Training21.10.201917:30 - 21:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid Developer Training15.11.201908:30 - 12:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid Developer Training15.11.201917:30 - 21:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid PowerUser Training20.11.201908:30 - 12:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid PowerUser Training20.11.201917:30 - 21:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid Developer Training16.12.201908:30 - 12:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid Developer Training16.12.201917:30 - 21:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid PowerUser Training20.12.201908:30 - 12:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid PowerUser Training20.12.201917:30 - 21:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid Developer Training13.01.202008:30 - 12:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid Developer Training13.01.202017:30 - 21:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid PowerUser Training20.01.202008:30 - 12:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid PowerUser Training20.01.202017:30 - 21:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid Developer Training11.02.202008:30 - 12:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid Developer Training11.02.202017:30 - 21:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid PowerUser Training20.02.202008:30 - 12:00Zurich, Switzerland
Protogrid PowerUser Training20.02.202017:30 - 21:00Zurich, Switzerland

It’s awesome. It’s free.

Protogrid is completely free for up to two users with any number of applications.