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Protogrid is alive and kicking. In this blog, our innovative engineers and creative graphic designers share their stories, anecdotes as well as useful tipps and tricks.

Recent Changes On Protogrid

Sonja Blum on 2018-05-18
We are happy to announce that Protogrid Version 1.5 and 1.6 were rolled out in the first half of this year. There were lots of small changes and improvements, together with some larger extensions of functionality.
It is now possible to hide elements such as warnings or advanced actions! You might want to hide them in order to not confuse less experienced users or make it harder to perform some thoughtless actions.
Hide different elements To hide some specific elements, all you need to do is creating a new client Script Library and link it to your Default Card. You find all information in our Wiki. Additionally, the following extensions might be interesting for you:
  • Larger views and more entries in lists let you work even faster
  • API-requests were optimized to reduce latency
  • Servers are used more efficiently thanks to optimized architecture
  • You can now also find related cards when searching
Try the new functionality now in your Protogrid Environment and increase your benefits.
If you have any questions or wishes, do not hesitate to contact us.

Integrate Protogrid into Your IT Landscape

Abhimanyu Patel on 2018-01-18
As an IT manager in our fast-paced world, keeping a consolidated overview of all IT systems and adapting to new technologies is very challenging. Protogrid is here to make your life easier!

Thanks to Rapid Application Development (RAD) you can create business applications in no time. Hence, you can have a running prototype in 30 minutes and immediately make updates available across all mobile platforms as well as web browsers.
Desktop to Mobile in 30 Minutes! Since Protogrid is completely platform-independent, there is no need to think about server maintenance and client deployment!
Platfrom independence Make your users happy with Protogrid’s ability to fully use apps offline or automatically translate them into additional languages.
Simple Translation Protogrid also takes care of backing up the data, availability and security. Furthermore, we offer powerful interfaces which enable seamless integration into pre-existing software solutions and platforms.
Integration Due to our monthly pay as you go options, Protogrid is also an ideal tool for testing new solutions and their feasibility. Moreover, there are no hidden costs for maintenance, operation and administration of your Protogrid applications.
Transparency Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions on how our Swiss made Software can support you and your business!
Look at our full video here!

New Protogrid Team Member

Sonja Blum on 2017-12-15
Since this month, the Protogrid Team is supported by a new economic expert. We are pleased to introduce Sandro Andermatt to you:

Sandro Andermatt

Tell us a little bit about your background.

I am currently studying Business Administration at the University of Berne with a major in Information Systems. Last year I also did an internship in the field of project and process management.

What do you like best about Protogrid?

I like the approach that you can also develop your own application as a non-programmer. In general, I find the idea of RAD (Rapid Application Development) very exciting. I'm also thrilled that Protogrid is cross-platform. I think managing different platforms and operating systems are a common problem for companies. Protogrid offers a fresh, solution-oriented approach.

How are you taking Protogrid forward?

As project manager, I support the customer in the development of his individual application. At the same time I support the development of standard apps and modules, which are made available to all users.

What technical innovation do you want for 2018?

I would like to see laser keyboards integrated into tablets, so that no additional keyboards are necessary.