Fair Prices

Our flexible cloud pricing plans mean you only pay for what you really need.
In addition, we also offer tailor-made development projects as well as all-round carefree packages.

Price Plans

Plan Evaluation Enterprise Government
Recommended For Evaluation Operation Business Government agencies, non-profit-organizations, schools, universities etc.
Maximum Period of Operation 12 Months Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Users Unlimited Unlimited Details upon request
Price per Month and Environment 1 7 USD 0.00 USD 100.00 Details upon request
Price per Month and Environment User 2 7 USD 0.00 USD 1.00 Details upon request
Price per Month and App User 2 3 7 USD 0.00 USD 10.00 Details upon request
Type of Infrastructure Cloud Cloud or on-premises Swiss cloud or on-premises
Type of Support Phone or Email Phone or Email 8 Phone, Email or On-Site 9
Engineering, Consulting & Support 7 Rate per hour Rate per hour Rate per hour
Availability Assured No assurance 98% 4 for cloud model Details upon request
Additional Requirements 10 Not possible Details upon request Details upon request
Traffic Fair use 5 Fair use 5 Fair use 5
Storage Fair use 6 Fair use 6 Fair use 6

Do you have other expectations?

Please contact us and describe your use case. We will certainly find a good solution for you!

Tailor-Made Development Projects

Are you craving a suitable business application for your department, but didn't have yet time to implement it? Should the App have been ready since yesterday or do you simply lack the necessary experience?

No problem, we are happy to develop the App for you!

Development of a Protogrid Application
The process of building customized business applications using Protogrid

Our software engineers from ETH Zurich guarantee Swiss quality and reliability. Our success is based not least on our extensive experience from over 1000 consulting and development projects for companies, organizations and groups in all industries.

Our philosophy: Good software is as simple as possible and as complex as necessary.

Our approach is straightforward:

  1. You send us your idea, your requirements or your specifications. Screenshots of existing applications or spreadsheets are also very helpful.
  2. We will present you a proposal for a powerful solution including a project plan.
  3. You review our offer, suggest adjustments if necessary and decide on the fixed price or the hourly estimate.
  4. We carry out the development according to the approved project plan and keep you regularly up to date. You can view and test the resulting app at any time as well as giving us feedback.
  5. After a few days we have completed your App according exactly to your needs and feedback. You start using the App in your daily work and increase the productivity of your department, boost employee satisfaction and reduce risks.

Do not waste valuable time and let us know your needs now. Give us a call on +41 44 244 48 88 or just shoot a message!

All-inclusive Packages

For a fast and seamless start with Protogrid we recommend our all-inclusive packages. You get your personalized business application for a fixed price. This application can already be used in your everyday productive work, while you discover the endless possibilities of the Protogrid platform.

Enjoy this offer completely risk free: You will get all your money back if the Protogrid platform or your personalized business application doesn't fit your needs. All it takes is a written statement to us.

Size Small Medium Large
Analysis Session Remote Remote On-site
App can be used on ... ... desktop and tablet ... desktop, tablet and smartphone ... desktop, tablet and smartphone
App will be developed based on ... ... one of our existing starting Apps ... one of our existing starting Apps or an Excel sheet with example data provided by you ... one of our existing starting Apps, an Excel sheet with example data provided by you or an App from our example catalogue
Included Number of Forms 2 3 4
Import of Existing Data Done by Customer 2h Effort Included 3h Effort Included
Included Training 1h 1h 3h
Ready for operation within... ... 1 Week ... 2 Weeks ... 2 Weeks
Included Cloud Subscription Fees 10 Users for 3 Months 20 Users for 6 Months 30 Users for 12 Months
Included Support 1h 2h 3h
Money-Back Guarantee Yes Yes Yes
All-Inclusive Price 7 CHF 980 CHF 1980 CHF 3980
Optional On-Premises Installation Price 7 CHF 980 CHF 980 CHF 980

Do you want to know how your personalized business application could look like?

Give us a call on +41 44 244 48 88 or shoot a message!

It’s awesome. It’s free.

Protogrid is completely free for up to two users with any number of applications.

1. Usually you have one environment per organization.
2. As an Environment User counts each account with which it was possible to log in to the Environment within the billing month.
3. An account counts as an App User for each App in which more than 100 edit operations have been performed within the billing month.
4. Upon request we also offer higher availabilities of 99% or 99.9%. Please contact us and describe your use case. We will certainly find a good solution for you!
5. Bandwidth limitation may apply after 5 GB per user, month and environment (cumulative).
6. Limitation may apply after 5 GB per user and environment (cumulative).
7. Since Protogrid is a Swiss product, the Swiss frank (CHF) is our lead currency. Any taxes or other public contributions are borne by the customer.
8. Reaction time: Maximum three working days.
9. Service-Level-Agreement (SLA) upon request.
10. E.g. data protection beyond the legal requirements.